About Us: Why IMF?

William Spencer - Founder/Visionary

Internet Marketing Footprints was founded in 2009 by the late William D. Spencer. Mr. Spencer had over 20 years specializing in Training and Development. He always had a passion for technological advancements and often times invested in products that were innovative and transparent. Mr. Spencer attended The University of Pennsylvania, one of the top Ivy League institutions in the U.S. where he majored in business.

Mr. Spencer believed the words of Harvey Mackay when he said: “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” He was on the right track because he loved and had such passion for online marketing and technology. Mr. Spencer believed that using social media and other online presence points, makes new connections, builds valuable relationships, and helps businesses meet their objectives.

With Internet Marketing Footprints, he helped individuals and small businesses shorten their learning curves and increase their success by strategically leveraging an effective website with the Internet and social networks to tell a compelling story.

Zarinah Hameen - Chief Executive Officer

After Mr. Spencer's passing in 2016, his daughter and fellow visionary, Zarinah Hameen assumed the role of CEO for Internet Marketing Footprints and as its leader, was recently named "Marketing and Advertising CEO of the Year" by CV Magazine for 2017. The company was also nominated for a 2017 WeWork Creator award for innovation and was just named a 2018 Grant Recipient for the Grow with Google Challenge Program.

She has 13 years of extensive experience in business development as well as handling donor relations, sponsors, and investors. She is a full stack web developer with expertise in web design, software engineering, product development, database programming, mobile application creation, and digital marketing.

In addition, she operates Au'loni Magazine which is an award-winning publication that is published by Internet Marketing Footprints and was an official media outlet of 2016 Democratic National Convention and is a current member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Ms. Hameen sits on several boards and committees such as The United Way of the National Capital Area and City Year of Washington DC.

She is also an affiliate of the National Corporation of Community Service and is a member of The National Association of Professional Women and other elite business associations and networks.

During the course of her career, in addition to her B.A. from the University of Delaware, Ms. Hameen has also obtained several professional certifications from Purdue University, Berkeley University, and M.I.T.

She has received critical acclaim for her content creation and unique writing style as well as her public relations and marketing initiatives.

In the last 13 years, she has raised millions of dollars of funding for charities and small business owners

The Team Hameen Network

In addition to our amazing partnerships with some of the top companies in the world, we also have a committed staff with over 30 years of experience in all of the services we provide. In 2018, our team successfully worked with over 200 satisfied clients in the fields of tech support, creating marketing campaigns, and overall business development. All of our support team consists of specialists who build the brands of companies by carefully outlining their needs and goals and executing work that is unique to the clients' success. We also house interns each semester to assist them with growing in their fields and gaining the experience they need to further their education and career goals.