We create mobile apps for iOS and Android users. We customize apps based on the need of your company and marketing initiatives. We also offer unique designs, consultation, and tracking services to ensure that your mobile app is being utilized to the best of its ability to attract customers and increase your smartphone visibility.

Mobile now accounts for over half of all online traffic, so it’s only natural that the focus of web design has moved.

Indeed, even if you do incorporate a responsive design, it’s likely to be more important for you to prioritize the appearance and functionality of your site on mobile than on desktop.

That doesn’t just mean ensuring that the layout works on a smartphone screen but extends to the specific concerns of mobile users – does the site load quickly? Is the site properly navigable on a smaller screen? And is it easy to access and share content? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then you’re likely to be missing out.

And favoring mobile isn’t optional anymore, either – Google will penalize your search rankings if you’re not making mobile work. Fortunately, they have a tool that tells you how you’re doing. You can read more here.